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U'nregistered Tees is an online blogshop thats been selling t-shirt since November 11, 2009 and was started by Daniel Chiam. U' (which is short for U'nregistered) has its very own brand called - MITOUKI.

Our style is heavily inspired by tattoo design, Japanese artwork and the Sabahan culture. Our inspiration also came from the various trend from punk to ska, indie bands and cute adorable sign. We love doing customize design and yes, we do provide customizing service here :D

The name Mitouki is Japanese for Unregistered. We love giving the idea about wearing a t-shirt without a designer's name but yet appear cool and stylish to wear. Mitouki started with 2 main theme for its debut. The U' Skull and the Angel's Wings. We create all our design by hand, and silkscreen them onto quality tees.

U' also would like to share the wealth with the unfortunate and thats why every 10% from the item that you purchased will be proceed to our U'nregistered fund, and U' will organize a social or charity programme to help those who is less fortunate. We don't want to do this alone, so be apart of the family and lets change the world by letting them know that someone is still care!

U' is creating opportunities for everyone to get involve in making history. What you are going to wear is able to change another person life for the better and how cool is that! U' is still young and we have a big dream to accomplish. So keep on supporting us and look forward from more of U' and Mitouki!

Nothing here is branded, because we're U'nregistered!

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