Honestly saying, I went into the market without much knowledge about it. My first week was okay but I still have no real direction yet on how to reach the top and I was lucky enough to bump into Lazy Aphik from VANDALISM in Facebook.

VANDALISM is a brand for streetwear thats started back in 2007, and from what Lazy Aphik told me, the crew is scattered all around Sabah and mostly some of them are still studying including Lazy Aphik himself.

Lazy Aphik introduce to me some of the local brand that I never thought exist before and this is a real eye opener for me. Phobia Klik, Defy, Suicidal and 84 Cubes, though I never heard of them before, but after seeing their design I really have a great respect for their creativity.

I've told you about VANDALISM streetwear before and now you're going to see the first U'nregistered VADALISM right here! WOOOHOOO!!!



o( '_' )o

o ( '_' ) o

o( '_' )o

I would like to thank Lazy Aphik from VANDALISM for coming out with this awesome design, and I'm really looking forward for more collaboration with you and your crew in the future. At the mean time people, please show your love for VANDALISM too!

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