The Beginning


Finally I've done it. U'nregistered was always on my mind ever since I finished my pre-U in high school. Only after 5 years of holding it back, finally I have the liberty to change it into reality and the feeling is way beyond the word 'happy' can explain.

I've always knew that I am more to an art person, but my parents failed to see the future in that, and eventually I have to pursue something which could make them happy but doing something without passion, the fruits that it bear is always sour in taste and it was not a good harvest.

No matter what people said to you, never ever let them bury your dreams but instead always believe that if you want it you can have it. Nothing is impossible in this world, the only limitation thats stopping you is you yourself.

U'nregistered is not just another business in the market but I want it to be a trumpet that tells every single person out there that dreams are real and every hard work that you put into it is worth it.

This is another new journey for me. Carrying U'nregistered over my shoulder and keep on climbing the mountain until I reached the top. Learn to believe and learn to trust because you'll need it when doubt plays it part.

daniel chiam

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