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So why do I said it was a community project? Simple, because for me, I am actually doing something for the community, and in this case, for the people of Keningau - my hometown.

People who came and purchase the shirt from us, have a sense of profoundness in them, for once they are proud of with what they are wearing, and to me that is the ultimate goal that I am seeking for.

"Lets buy the shirt and wear it for the tournament in Lahad Datu and show them where we came from", "imagine wearing this for our P.E class", "I'm from Keningau and I'm proud of it". Those are some of the comments that we get from our beloved supporter and to be honest it does made me feel good about doing what I'm doing at the moment.

Seeing people wearing the shirt that we made, and seeing other being envy of them who is wearing the shirt that we made is just like icing on top of the cake. Perfecto, haha.

I'll travelling to some of the interior state of Sabah to sell some of my "I ♥" t-shirt and hopefully all of you will like it :D

So for the people of the interior state of Sabah, this is how I show my ♥ for you and hopefully all of you will appreciate more of where you came from and always learn to go beyond in gaining knowledge and in return, giving something back to the society, to make a better life for our family and friends in our beloved state of Sabah.

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