Project: I ♥ Sabah - A sweet memory during my trip to Ranau


So the best part about Ranau for me its the KIDS! Haha, we were selling our I ♥ Sabah's t-shirt near a bunch of  primary school kids who is helping one of their friend to sell some Kampong rice, but their rice is a bit hidden from where they are trying to sell it.

The kids performing the traditional Sumazau dance to welcome the VIP's arrival

So I tell the kids to come over to my place where it will be visible and perhaps I could help them to sell some of it too. The kids instantly said we will help sell your shirts and you help us sell our rice. Why not, haha, both party has nothing to lose and for me, the more the merrier.

Omigosh they are so hyperactive and so loud. I love them! Calling out people to come and see our shirt, doing their own buy 1 free 1 promotion, they are just a natural born salesperson.

"Kakak memang cantik, ini baju pun cantik, kalau dua-dua sama-sama tambah-tambah lagi cantik kak", LOL.

I really enjoyed seeing how they persuade and promote our shirts. They really bring joy to our almost boring day because of the very few people and lack of activities of the event. Well, we did do our part and help them sold most of their Kampong rice, and thats why they go all out in trying to help us sell as much shirts as possible.

At the end of the day, I gave each of them who help out a pieces of the I ♥ Sabah's t-shirt. They were so happy, omigosh the reaction on their face is just priceless. I don't have size for kids so I just gave away all my XS shirt to them,haha :D

Seriously, I didn't gave them because they help me  out with the business but its because they are such a blessing, such a joy for my stay at Ranau.

I don't even know them and they don't even know me and yet the moment that all of us share for that few hours of time is just priceless. They are the next generation of Sabahan. The way they shouted I ♥ Sabah just showed how proud they are to be a Sabahan.

This is the main purpose of the whole project. To give the rights to every Sabahan about their pride of being one of the most united state in Malaysia. The rights to brag about how much we love Sabah and how you should be proud of the roots that you came from.

I will never forget these bunch of kids. They are a solid prove that what I'm doing here, is not a waste but its a process, a journey that will take time for everyone to see that you don't need to feel the lost before you could learn to cherish of what you already have now.

Thank you kids... wear that shirt proudly because you all have earn the rights just by showing me that unity has no boundaries.
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