Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I hope its not too late for me to wish all the Malaysian and to the rest of the world, Merry Christmas!

Soon its going to be 2010! How was 2009?! I hope that you manage to achieved as many goals as possible, and hopefully you manage to do a lot of 'first time experience' in 2009.

If you think that 2009 was not such a good year for you, then don't give up people! because you'll always have another try in 2010.

Make sure to plan ahead for the year, goals and visions, action plan and keep track of your progress.

As for the U'nregistered... There will be quite a few adjustment to be made for the year 2010.

I have changed the site url from to, now its easier to remember: short, sweet and simple :D

FYI, I just got myself a day job and it really takes away a lot of time from me being able to fully manage the U'nregistered. At the moment I could not take any custom made order due to the time restriction matter.

I will try my best to came up with a new design every month as a way of showing my love for all the wonderful people that has been a great fans of ours since day 1.

Keep your head up people because the sky is not the limit of what you can accomplish! You can achieve more that what you can imagine if you are willing to take the first step!

I love you people!

daniel chiam
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